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Century One Nanotechnology announces

2x range extender for Tesla Model 3



San Jose Reporter, April 1, 2016

Century One Nanotechnology has announced in their 1st quarter 401con filing statement that they have successfully tested a 2x range extender to be placed in production for the Model 3.


The new technology known as Super Charger Algorithm Methodology Extended Range (s.c.a.m.e.d) is now available for a $699 pre-order with a fully refundable satisfaction guarantee (processing time required approximately 4 to 400 weeks).


Due to the high volume of 275,000 pre-orders expected you will be emailed a computer originated number (con preferred customer number) once you fill out the contact us page. Money orders and money transfers will be gladly accepted.




WARE:  It is implausible that any company has any similar technology available now or at any time in e future.  Payment will be made at your own ri


April 1st is also known as April fools day.  Many websites publish April 1st items meant to be foolish.

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